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Managed Services

We offer a full range of services

CRM Integration

Synchronise your CRM or ERP with our system, allowing MaverickMail to keep your contact information up to date.

Our system automatically connects natively to Salesforce, Google, Magento and snapbill, and our API also lets you build a rich view of your marketing

Template Coding

Utilise the power of our drag-and-drop email builder with your unique templates, to create perfect, responsive email template. Let our amazing team test your templates to ensure delivery across multiple browsers and devices

Monitor and manage Sends

Let us do the hard work so that you don’t have too, we will take care of your email sending, supply your content, database and schedule and we will ensure your emails are delivered on time to the correct audience


MaverickMail comes with loads of pre-built integrations into services like, MS Dynamics CRM, Google Docs, Magento, and more. However, should you want to integrate our system with one of your internal systems such as a CRM, CMS or ERP, we have a talented team of developers to help you get it right.


Connection to your CRM, CMS, or ERP solution should be a simple exercise, and our powerful API ensures that it is. Your contact data will sync with MaverickMail effortlessly, keeping your information up to date, and allowing internal events, such as lead storage, to trigger automatically.

Website Integration

MaverickMail is able to fetch content from your website, send campaigns at a scheduled time, or trigger an automated campaign when a new customer signs up to your mailing list. Setup and deployment is simple, and integrates with your social media accounts for effective sharing.

Automate Campaigns

MaverickMail is pre-built with a number of services such as Salesforce, Google Docs, MS Dynamics CRM, and Magento. Integration with either of these tools is a quick process requiring minimal effort. Simply log in to MaverickMail, select your service, link your account and you’re done.As easy as that

Template Coding

Responsive Templates

Our innovative team of designers can convert your existing email templates into Builder-compatible, responsive templates. Customise and discover the look and feel to perfectly reflect your brand identity on desktop or mobile.

Upload, Test, and Send

We test your emails across all devices and email platforms, identifying and fixing any rendering issues before the messages reach your contacts. We can test personalisation using either existing contacts or your own details. The system includes SPAM tests to ensure your emails are legally compliant and reach your subscribers.

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