Release notes 2017.8 - Maverickmail
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Release notes 2017.8

This version of the system contains the following updates from versions 2017.7 – 2017.8:


Product Updates

  • A/B Split Test:
    • New ‘What to Test’ function has been added. You can now test the following:
      • Content
      • Subject
      • From Details
    • You compose only one message when testing the subject line or from details. The message will still be sent to a split list.
  • Subscription Forms:
    • Form listing is now ordered by last modified.
    • Restyled the default subscription forms (public side and preview).
  • Messages sent on Facebook now personalise the thumbnail too.
  • Improved import speed.
  • The system can now estimate the size of tracked dynamic attachments. The attachments do not affect the size of the message. The system cannot estimate untracked attachments and therefore cannot estimate the size of the message.
  • The system now displays a warning when Grammarly is active. User must disable it manually.
  • Tracked attachments now show on email and SMS listing page and detailed reports page.
    • Report shows unique attachment downloads.
  • Upload page on contact import has been re-skinned.
  • Track attachments option disabled on Drip Campaigns.
  • Date custom fields have been added to filters
  • Extra and Standard footers are now responsive.
  • Changes made to all emoji and personalisation buttons to new simple icons.
  • Translation updates have been made to the product.


Bugs Zapped

  • Tracked attachments no longer give an error.
  • Import and Basic filters now work together correctly.
  • Listing page filter icon now appears correctly when creating a new filter.
  • Import and filter sections now appear correctly when re-creating an email.
  • Saving in the Builder no longer breaks twig statements.
  • Fixed ‘Track Attachments’ option appearing even when there are no attachments.
  • Preview button now works on Subscription Form settings page.
  • Fixed the colour picker on Subscription Form.
  • Fixed Subscription form preview and submit button.
  • Fixed double opt-in options appearing in subscription form confirmation screen, when double opt-in is not selected.
  • Double opt-in options no longer appear for Unsubscribe forms.
  • Unsubscribe form custom message now works correctly.
  • Removed SMS attachment button for users who have attachments disabled on their account.
  • Recipients tab in SMS reports now works correctly.
  • A/B Delivery Options step no longer breaks.
  • Fixed A/B Set up page styling issues, broken thumbnails and generating placeholder
  • A/B Split tests now applies import filters correctly.
  • A/B Split test template selection now displays correct templates.
  • Fixed status count on A/B listing page.
  • A/B Split test personalisation now displays correctly.
  • In A/B Set up, the personalisation dialog for From Email now closes correctly.
  • Fixed emoji button for template creation on Transactional email.
  • Personalisation has been removed from Transactional mail WYSIWYG editor.
  • Fixed import list selecting styling issues.
  • Fixed ‘test personalisation’ messages with dynamic attachments.
  • Removed black space on email composition list selection.
  • Fixed attachment footer appearing twice in email detailed reports, heatmap preview.
  • Error alerts now show properly on old modals.
  • Fixed error strip on message properties screen.
  • Multi-select lists now longer breaks when there are too many values.
  • Contact count now updates correctly when selecting a filter in Drip campaign list options.
  • Entering incorrect login details no longer breaks the login screen.
  • Fixed error in email footer when clicking ‘View PDF’.
  • Subscriber breakdown on quota page now displays the correct values.
  • Uploading a zip file with uppercase .ZIP extension now works correctly.
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