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Harness the power of cloud based our email marketing platform

Email Newsletter Design

Build smart email campaigns with Maverick mail

Choose one of our many amazing HTML templates, our wonderful colour palettes to customise the look that will enhance your corporate identity. Maverick mail is easy to use, easy to understand aiding you to Individualise your newsletters for each subscriber with their personal information for easy tracking and viewing.

Maverick Mail makes it easy to:

  • Improve existing email campaigns
  • Easily import your database
  • Use our templates for quick, clean design
  • Customise design for your brand or business
  • Share across social platforms
  • Track & measure results

Automate Campaigns

Schedule, trigger and share campaigns automatically

Schedule email campaigns to start sending at any preferred day, at any time, at any geographical location, control email traffic: which emails gets sent and how often. Trigger a series of emails based on subscriber behaviour. Automatically enhance your company’s products or service visibility by sharing your email newsletters across your social media accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Track and Optimise Campaigns

Track subscriber engagement and ROI

Use our powerful reporting tools to quickly analyse aggregated statistics like open and click rates for your entire automated series, we will also help you track your audience growth, campaign engagement, monitor traffic of visitors and users over the course of the last week, month, or year.

Getting feedback for you

Knowing what your customers want and need is almost close to impossible, that could potentially hinder the growth success of your company.

One of the best ways to understand what is expected from you is to ask them directly. With Maverick Mail We will send an Automated email campaign that goes to your new subscribers, this will give you vast useful feedback information on what your customers are expecting from your products or services, why they switched to your competitor’s products or services, if it provides satisfaction or not.

This is will help you to:

  • Get insight on what your customers expect from your products or services
  • The type of message to display and attract new customers
  • Tailor your products features according to your customers needs to increase sales

Stay in touch, at a click of a button

Capitalise on the increase of smartphone users and go mobile with our SMS bulk campaigns. Connect with your audience, maximise engagement, generate leads and visibility. We make it easy for you.


We will help you to:

  • Extend your reach
  • Strengthen brand loyalty
  • Communicate with your specific target market
  • Increase sales
  • Create SMS campaigns quickly and easily
  • Opt-out comes standard as part of every SMS

Social Share

Spread the news with Maverick mail

Maximise brand awareness and let others know who you are. Connect and engage by adding social sharing icons to your email. Let subscribers like, comment and share the content of your newsletter on their personal social media platforms

Social Integration

Post your content to multiple social platforms

Provide fresh, fun and exciting content online that allows you to engage with your subscribers on your social media account i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, to increase visibility and knowledge of your business offerings. Add status updates from within Maverick Mail whilst creating your newsletters. Integrate socially, share campaigns and track results.

Analyse, interpret reports

Measure & track campaign performance.

Track and view detailed reports for subscriber activities and campaign performances. Measure everything from opens, clicks and subscriber engagement, to geolocation and social media activity.

Compare campaigns and find out which ones performed better than the other.

List reports

List performance and trends

Identify list activity trends across all your lists. See how your lists are growing and who is subscribing and unsubscribing, pull detailed mobile list reports including summaries of SMS contacts, contact activity and visitors.

Contact Reports

View in-depth statistics on contact activity

Pull in-depth contact reports to monitor contact activity on delivered messages. Monitor, view opens, clicks, forwards, unsubscribes and complaints. Contact reports are also exportable as CSV documents. View contact reports on mobile messages and monitors SMS replies.


Use our API to get your systems talking to Maverick Mail

Use our powerful API to integrate with your Customer Relationship Management or Content Management System. The API provides a direct programmatic link into the inner workings of the system. Developers will love our API C#, PHP and Java libraries.

Still not sure what API can do for you, contact us, and we will suggest the benefits that can suit your business

Google Analytics

We measure how much traffic your email campaigns drive into your website

Insert UTM codes in Maverick Mail to enable Google Analytics tracking. Use a Google Analytics account to monitor the amount of traffic that your email campaigns refer to your website.

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